Benefits of a Fall Lawn Renovation


Benefits of a Fall Lawn Renovation

Benefits of a Fall Lawn Renovation

Help your lawn recover this Fall with aeration, overseeding, fertilization and weed control from O’Grady’s Landscape. The end of summer has arrived and your lawn is hopefully still looking green and lush, but it may be appearing a little dull or listless due to summer stressors like heat.  The science of lawn care is a relatively straight forward process however, it does require an understanding of the basics in lawn care and the ability to evaluate the varying and unique needs of a lawn. Once a recommended program is implemented it is necessary to continue these processes on an on-going, regular basis to keep a lawn looking beautiful from year to year. Mother Nature can often bring about weather that falls outside the bell curve of normal such as the record-breaking rainfall Northern Virginia experienced in 2018 which can alter implementation plans. The weather is not always the culprit in the reason why a lawn that is not thriving, as often the cause is humanly generated from improper care techniques or simply generalized neglect.


What can a homeowner in Northern Virginia do to maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn?

If your grass is already looking great then you are way ahead of the game. The key is regular on-going maintenance since your lawn does not require any type of recovery services. Your lawn still may need a boost from time to time to keep it lush and green, but it can be easily remedied if detected early followed by a proper solution. Detecting and implementing a functional solution is why even homeowners of well thriving lawns should seek a professional lawn care provider for advice on the best way to address your lawns specific needs. Trained lawn care professionals can assess the current state of your lawn and recommend how to develop the lawn that you so desire.


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101 Basics in maintaining a healthy lawn:

  • Regular lawn mowing to a height of 3-3.5 inches depending on the time of year and weather along with trimming.
  • A well-designed fertilizer and weed control program designed to keep your lawn green and free of weeds implemented from March to November for Northern Virginia.
  • Lawn Aeration, Over-seed, and Lime. Aeration loosens the soil which allows for superior root development and promotes a healthy lawn. Lime promotes a healthy pH level in your soil which stimulates nutrient uptake by your lawn.
  • Fall leaf removal to keep your lawn clear of debris so that it can continue to grow and thrive.

Additionally, the following maintenance services are recommended for your property:

  • Spring and Fall Clean-up and Mulch which addresses the removal of leaves, weeds, debris along with hand edging and mulching all planting beds.
  • Shrub Fertilization and Pre-emergent Weed Control which is usually completed in conjunction with the timing of a Spring Clean-Up. This service application is of a slow-release fertilizer with pre-emergent weed control applied to all ornamental bed spaces which will help ornamental trees and shrubs thrive.
  • Regular Landscape Visits to prune shrubs and ornamental trees, generalized cleanup and weed planting beds. Visits can be applied as often as needed, but (3) visits a season is a basic recommendation.


When is a lawn renovation is recommended?

A lawn will remain healthy with described services in conjunction with proper watering practices. So, what happens if your lawn has not been maintained and is filled with weeds, dry patches, disease and or is just not growing any longer? This is where a lawn renovation can be a solution. Lawn renovation solutions are variable. Your lawn may need a simple process of adding Garden Gro Compost along with a heavy seed application or your lawn may need sod replacement. If your lawn has such a high percentage of weeds to grass and is in poor condition the answer may be to completely start over again. A professionally trained lawn care pro from O’Grady’s Landscape & Lawn Care, Inc. can evaluate and recommend to homeowners the best and most practical refurbishment solution.

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