McLean, VA Grading and Drainage Services


McLean, VA Grading and Drainage Services

We provide landscape drainage and grading in connection with other landscape or hardscape projects. No stand alone drainage or grading work is offered.

Do you have drainage problems on your property? Are you thinking about installing a new landscape design, but want to make sure all the details are taken care of? O’Grady’s Landscape is your one-stop-shop for landscaping in McLean, Virginia and can help you install state-of-the-art drainage systems to eliminate flooding in your yard.

If you’re interested in installing a new landscape or hardscape project with drainage at your McLean area home, call us at (703) 533-5001 or request your estimate online. We’ll help you keep your property protected no matter what!


We provide landscape grading in connection with other landscape or hardscape projects. Our landscapers have the expertise and experience you can rely on to properly grade your yard in McLean, VA. Analyzing drainage patterns and slopes in your outdoor space allows us to find the best grading solutions to accurately redirect surface runoff away from your hardscapes and plantings. The grading process ensures that your landscape has a level base or the right slope for proper drainage and is vital to having a solid foundation and a beautiful, healthy landscape.

Water is directed to retention bases designed to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding landscape so you can improve drainage without detracting from the aesthetic.


We provide landscape drainage in connection with other landscape or hardscape projects. The process involves installing drainage systems to redirect water runoff away from your home and is essential to preserving the integrity of hardscapes, plantings, and your lawn area in wet conditions. Having proper drainage in place is important primarily because it helps to:

  • Keep your foundation strong and healthy
  • Prevent backyard flooding, standing water, water entering your home, etc.
  • Save money on lawn care costs
  • Improve sanitation and avoid mosquitoes
  • Improve the aesthetics of your landscape by eliminating puddles and soggy plants or flower beds

Our drainage systems in McLean, VA typically work by collecting surface water through catch basins and downspout collection pipes. The water then travels through a single main pipe and empties further down, away from your property.

Start your project on the right foot for Your McLean Home

Do you need help with grading and drainage in your landscape plan in the McLean, VA area? Whether you need a comprehensive landscaping package or are just looking to add more outdoor space on your property, O’Grady’s Landscape is the landscaper you can rely on.

Our skilled landscapers can help you with any grading or drainage problems when we are adding landscape or hardscapes to your property:

  • Assess the slopes and drainage patterns in your property
  • Discuss any drainage issues you’ve had
  • Grade your landscape to redirect surface runoff
  • Install drainage systems
  • Perform erosion control or any other landscaping services you need!

Neglecting landscape drainage in your landscape plan can have a significant impact on the health and appearance of your lawn. Don’t let unnecessary flooding detract from your landscape! Get the grading and drainage you need in McLean, Virginia with O’Grady’s Landscape—call (703) 533-5001 to request your estimate today.

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