Front Yard Landscape Design & Home Sidewalk in Vienna, VA

The Home Sidewalk: Steps, Landings and Columns

We began this home sidewalk in Vienna with a series of flagstone steps and landings, designed to thoughtfully connect the road and the front door. To anchor the landings and give some vertical interest, we used three short columns, built with a combination of Carderock Building stone and Dove Gray Building stone to complement the full range of colors in the sidewalk and landings.

The Selection of Plants

Next, we installed plant material with the primary goal of connecting the sidewalk to the property. We chose a selection of plants that retain seasonal interest and provide an element of privacy to the front of the house. We specifically used the following combination of unique and colorful plantings to accomplish these goals:
  • Knockout Roses. These red flowers blossom in the spring through fall.
  • Crepe Myrtle. Fuchsia flowers bloom in late summer.
  • Burning Bush. This option offers red foliage in the fall.
  • Variegated Liriop. This plant provides year-round color.

The Landscape Lighting Design

Finally, we installed a landscape lighting design to illuminate the facade of the house and the deciduous trees that surround it. Tastefully understated path lights lead down the home sidewalk, adding an element of security and subtle beauty to the design.

Custom Front Yard Landscape Design in North Virginia

Whether you want to design a home sidewalk like the one we built for our clients in Vienna or you have your own unique idea for a front yard landscape design that’s better suited to your property, we can help. Our landscapers have experience designing all types of custom hardscapes and unique plants to help our clients accomplish all their goals and our expertise is evident in each project we complete throughout Northern Virginia. So if you live in Great Falls, the City of Falls Church, McLean, North Arlington, or Vienna, look no further than O’Grady’s Landscape. Call us at 703-533-5001 to schedule a consultation today!

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