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How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

This year, we’re expecting winter in Northern Virginia to be colder and snowier than ever. In order to keep your lawn and plantings protected so they can stay healthy and blossom come springtime, it’s important to do some basic winter garden maintenance.

Fortunately, O’Grady’s Landscape makes winterizing your garden easy with a list we’ve compiled from our years of landscape maintenance experience in the area. Keep reading to learn how to prepare your garden for winter or call us, and we’ll take care of it for you!

Winter Garden Maintenance Tips

Whether you’re caring for your garden on your own or you’re enlisting professional help, there’s certain components of maintenance you’ll want to be sure get done before extreme weather hits. We recommend you have the following winter garden maintenance steps completed for your home:

  • Make sure your leaves are all raked up—we offer regular leaf removal plans if you’re too busy!
  • Remove any other debris as well— it can kill the grass below it if left there through the winter months
  • Install a proper drainage system so that snow doesn’t damage your plants and hardscapes
  • Take precautions against flooding by covering outdoor spigots, cleaning out your gutters, turning off outdoor water, and draining any hoses
  • Remove weeds to prevent disease and promote health
  • Relocate tender bulbs indoors and trim plants that are done blooming for the year
  • Apply a winter fertilizer as insulation against freezing and to provide your plants with much-needed nutrients
  • Prune trees and shrubs while they’re dormant so that they will bloom when spring comes
  • Have mulching done to keep weeds down and keep soil moist throughout the season

O’Grady’s Landscape knows just what it takes to prepare your garden for winter and keep your plants heathy and beautiful. We can provide you with further advice depending on the types of plants you have installed, their location, and your budget. Schedule a consultation to see how we can help.

Winterizing Your Garden in Great Falls, City of Falls Church, McLean, Vienna, or North Arlington

If you don’t think you can keep up with winter garden maintenance on your own, we can help. O’Grady’s Landscape has years of experience providing comprehensive landscape maintenance services to Northern Virginia homeowners and can take care of your plantings for you so you won’t have to. Eliminate the headache and hassle of winter garden maintenance when you call O’Grady’s Landscape for the job. Call today to ask about our ongoing care options at 703-533-5001 or fill out an online contact form for an estimate!

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