Landscape Lighting Benefits in Northern VA


Landscape Lighting Benefits in Northern VA


What are the benefits of landscape lighting and what are my options? The final touch to any residential landscape project is to capture that attraction day and night. Outdoor Lighting is a critical step in the art of transforming the look of your home and it is often an overlooked element! Landscape Lighting takes curb appeal from good to great.  If you are interested in developing your Northern Virginia home’s appearance, consider adding one of the many types of landscaping lighting options which are easy and affordable install.


Northern Virginia home outdoor landscape lighting producing desirable curb appeal

Landscape Lighting Options Northern Virginia

Luckily there are many landscape lighting or otherwise known as nightscaping selections available to bring out the best in your home with varying price points and purposes. A few options available are:

  • Accent Lighting: highlights architectural features that are stable like a column
  • Energy Efficient Lighting: options which are focused on conserving energy
  • Moon Lighting: effective for expressing the look of moonlight upon an object.
  • Up Lighting: focuses on trees, ornamental bushes and shrubs along with architecture.
  • LED Outdoor Lighting: are eco-friendly and energy efficient
  • CAST Lighting Systems: durable and exceptionally reliable systems

Our skilled designers are experienced with knowing which lighting sources will best fit your property. The lighting system you choose not only has to fit your budget, and desires, but it should also match the homes style whether it may be a modern or a traditional home. Lighting design is subtle yet it can have quite a stunning result as picture here:

Stunning outdoor landscape lighting with curb appeal


Automatic Timers

Never worry about turning your landscape lighting system on or off. Automation is available with automatic timers with phot cell control turning on at dusk and off at dawn.

Safety and Home Security

Outdoor lighting adds beauty and character to your homes appeal, but it also adds security and safety. Lighting pathways, steps, and entrances are excellent ways to add visibility and protection during the night and early morning hours. Increasing your outdoor time with family and friends is also great for your health!

Landscape lighting on steps walkway increasing safety and beauty

Landscape Design Services in Northern Virginia

O’Grady’s Landscape has been in business since 1991 and are passionate about landscape design, installation and maintenance in Northern Virginia. Or mid-size company and depth of experience allows us to diversify our product offerings while still maintaining excellent customer services. Our team would like to consult with you to enhance and illuminate your home’s beauty!

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