Patio With a View


Patio With a View

This is a home in North Arlington where we recently finished an extensive project. We redesigned all the customer’s plant material, patio spaces, walkways and decks. As you can see from the pictures, the back yard has a beautiful view of Washington Golf and Country Club. Our customer on this job was one of our all-time favorites, which made building this project fun from beginning to end. One funny story that came up during the building of this project dealt with stray golf balls that would land out of bounds in the back yard of this house. One day while I was visiting the work site you could hear an incoming ball coming through the trees.

The whole crew simultaneously put their hands up over their heads to protect themselves. The ball landed harmlessly in the middle of the back yard. This is the funny part, one of our masonry guys, thought he was being a Good Samaritan, walked over to the ball, picked it up, and threw it back on the golf course. Sure enough, the golfer came down the fairway looking for his ball. Finding his ball, he looked back to his foursome and yelled, “I told you it didn’t go out of bounds!” I explained to the crew that this was not like soccer and returning the ball is not part of golf etiquette. They laughed and claimed that they’d been doing it multiple times per day. So I guess some members at Washington Golf owe their low scores to O’Grady’s Landscape.

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