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Hardscaping & Home Walkway in North Arlington, VA

  • October 26, 2012

As the “before” picture illustrates, this North Arlington property features a charming home in a nice neighborhood. But when we began the project, the landscaping and hardscaping made it appear uninviting and detracted from the charm of the house.

The home walkway led away from the driveway and made little sense, restricting the flow of traffic to and from the house. If you parked in the driveway, you’d have to walk out to the street, halfway up to the front of the house, and then back up in order to enter. There was also a much taller wall in front of the house that screamed “stay away.”


So we cleared the existing hardscapes and set about creating a new home walkway design to improve usability and flow within this North Arlington landscape.

Removing the Original Hardscaping

We began to tackle the challenges at hand by removing the existing landscape as well as the hardscaping, including the walkway and walls within the home entrance. Then, we re-graded the front hillside to create a gentler grade between the house and the street before beginning construction of the new features.

The Home Walkway Design: Wall, Steps, and Landings

Next to the sidewalk, we built a short wall that retains the new slope and acts as additional seating for the kids playing on this quiet cul-de-sac in North Arlington. We also designed and built a series of steps and landings to be both functional and attractive, connecting the road to the front door in a unique home walkway design.

We built this series of steps and landings, as well as the wall, with a mix of Carderock Building stone and Dove Gray Building stone, and used a cap made of the ever-popular Pennsylvania Flagstone in all the above hardscaping elements.

The Low-Maintenance Plants

We completed the home entrance by landscaping the front yard with a selection of kid-proof, low-maintenance plants, primarily consisting of Liriope groundcover. We also installed plantings that have low-growth habits so our customers wouldn’t have to worry about constant pruning.

Finally, this landscape matches the charm of the home and the neighborhood!

Home Walkway Design and Hardscaping in Northern Virginia

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