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Sustainable Landscape Overlooking the Potomac

  • October 26, 2012

When we met with the owners of this contemporary home in Northern Virginia, they presented us with a book illustrating the work of Greene and Greene—architectural predecessors to Frank Lloyd Wright. They told us that they wanted the work in that book to be the inspiration for their new landscape design.

Excited about this new creative opportunity, we brought the book back to the office and pored over it. The Greene and Greene philosophy is captured in this quote: “The Style of the house should be as far as possible determined by four conditions: First, Climate; Second, Environment; Third, Kinds of materials available; Fourth, Habits and tastes—i.e., life of the owner” (C. S. Greene).


We built a sustainable landscape design with those elements in mind, creating outdoor living spaces that are eco-friendly, functional, and beautiful to meet our clients’ needs. The spaces feature multiple patios, each built with a different purpose, and native plantings that are perfect for a contemporary home overlooking the Potomac.

The Patio Spaces & Landscape Plantings

This sustainable landscape design by the Potomac River features several patio spaces that are proportional to the house and perfect for their intended use—whether that is dining, lounging, or socializing with guests. We specifically used an eclectic blend of reclaimed materials to create the elegantly simple outdoor living spaces that surround this home.

When we installed the plant material, we continued to focus on sustainability, re-using and transplanting as much of the existing plant material as possible. All the mature trees were left untouched. For new plants, we chose from a selection of native cultivars to create a smooth transition from the landscape of the home to the wooded space surrounding it.

Greene and Greene refers to contemporary homes like this one, which sits on a hillside overlooking the Potomac River, as ultimate bungalows.

Want a Sustainable Landscape Design of Your Own?

If you want to create an ultimate bungalow like this one in the Northern Virginia area, call us at 703-533-5001 and we’ll provide you with a sustainable landscape design that features the plantings and outdoor living spaces you love most! Or, if you have your own ideas for a landscape that’s sustainable and beautiful, you can schedule a consultation and we’ll work with you to create a unique design for your home in North Arlington, McLean, Vienna, Great Falls, or the City of Falls Church.