Prepare Your Yard With These Simple Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips


Prepare Your Yard With These Simple Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

The temperature and fall leaves are beginning to drop in Northern Virginia and providing regular lawn maintenance will keep your yard alive through the fall and winter seasons. If you are unsure of how to keep your lawn healthy during the colder seasons, there are simple tasks you can do to help your yard ride out of the cold smoothly.  

O’Grady’s Landscape, a full-service landscape company in Northern Virginia, has over 25 years of lawn maintenance experience and will ensure quality lawn maintenance procedures tailored to your needs. Below we have provided four easy lawn maintenance methods to improve your yard’s growth through the fall season.

Clean Up Fall Leaves

Leaf litter at the base of your landscape beds can be a host to lawn diseases. When leaves are piled too high, it makes it difficult for sunlight to reach through and provide a proper amount of nourishment. Since there is a lack of sunlight, plants will undergo more stress during colder seasons. It’s important to routinely rake up those fall leaves because they pile up very quickly.

Continue Mowing

Grass grows until the first frost of winter. If you allow your turf to grow too long, it can lead to lawn matting, which can become a potential host to diseases. Maintaining your grass at a two and a half inch height will allow it to persist through winter temperatures better. Cutting your grass regularly will also help you reduce fall foliage and produce a natural mulch you can spread over your landscape.

Spreading Mulch

Mulching in the fall season keeps your plants protected for longer and promotes a healthy lawn. Spreading a blanket of fresh mulch will guard yard plants against the cold, and their root systems will stay warm. Mulching is a simple method for keeping your landscape thriving throughout the winter season and will block the freezing temperatures out.       


A healthy lawn will not only benefit you but the environment as well such as improving air quality, decreasing heat, and producing more oxygen. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will keep grass vibrant and healthy because fall dew enables your turf to absorb fertilizer more easily. Your fertilized grass will build up enough strength to withstand winter conditions. When springtime comes around, your lawn will greet you with lush green grass.      

Let O’Grady’s Landscape Professionals Assist You With All Your Lawn Maintenance Needs

If you need help keeping your lawn healthy throughout fall, O’Grady’s Landscape in Sterling, Virginia can provide a variety of lawn maintenance services according to your needs. Our team of lawn experts can ensure a stress-free lawn care experience and can help keep your yard lively during the fall and winter seasons.

Schedule a consultation with O’Grady’s Landscape today! Contact us at (703) 553-5001 to speak with a lawn maintenance professional for lawn care assistance.

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