Spring Lawn Care Checklist in Northern Virginia


Spring Lawn Care Checklist in Northern Virginia

Spring Lawn Care Tips in Northern Virginia

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Preparing your yard for Spring is essential for keeping your lawn and landscape strong and healthy as the summer heat and possible dry weather approach. The key to having and keeping a vibrant, green and lush lawn and landscape is to act before your lawn shows signs of any stress. Preparation beforehand goes a long way and your lawn will show its appreciation to your attentiveness.

Northern Virginia Homeowners Spring Lawn Care Checklist

  1. Yard Assessment

To start, begin with a yard assessment. The winter months may have left behind dead tree limbs, leaves, and dead grass. You may need to begin by just picking up these debris so you can see your lawn and be able to assess everything from the soil to your outdoor furniture and structures.

  1. Inspect your Mower and tools

Before you need to get out there and start actual work on your yard, begin with checking on your lawnmower and tools. Give your mower a good clean and start it up to check the engine performance. You may need to sharpen blades, check cords, and other maintenance to be sure you are good to go when the grass begins to grow.

  1. Spring Clean-up and Mulch your beds

Start by simply raking your grass. Get out all the clumps and dead grass and allows for the sunshine to reach the lawn. This timely raking actually stimulates your grass telling it that growing time has arrived. Clean out the beds and trim back any dead branches. Hiring a professional may be a good idea since determining exactly what needs to be trimmed and what does not can be unclear to many homeowners. Use a hardwood mulch for your beds. It is needed to protect the soil from moisture and help guard against weeds. Many homeowners just like the appearance of a mulch yard. It does provide a clean, neat appearance providing ample curb appeal. Let O’Grady’s Landscape take care of your spring clean-up and mulching so that you won’t have to—call (703) 533-5001 to schedule your service today!


  1. Schedule and Apply Fertilizer Treatments

Crabgrass is the enemy of your lawn.  Proper fertilization is critical to maintaining a beautiful landscape with healthy turf or lawn and plantings. As the area’s trusted landscaper since 1991, you can rely on us to use only the most effective techniques and high-quality products to get the job done right. Let us take care of fertilizing your turf or lawn so that you won’t have to—call (703) 533-5001 to schedule your service.

Certain fertilizers can be dangerous and harmful to you and your family. At O’Grady’s Landscape, we use only eco-friendly, high-quality solutions for our Northern Virginia turf fertilization service, avoiding chemical products as much as possible to prevent health hazards and keep your lawn healthy, naturally. By fertilizing your lawn and gardens with the best products, we can help to:

  • Increase the ability to resist insects
  • Increase the ability to resist pests
  • Increase the ability to resist disease
  • Promote plant growth and strength

Shrub Fertilizer Service

Shrub fertilizer should also be applied twice annually, in the spring and fall, to keep your plantings as healthy as possible for as long as possible. With the right combination of fertilizers, we’ll help you provide your shrubs and lawn in Northern Virginia with a balanced combination of nutrients that includes:

  • Nitrogen to promote quicker growth and healthy, dark green leaves.
  • Phosphorus to encourage root growth, flowering, and increases the resistance to cold.
  • Potassium to increase strength and help your plantings resist wind, ice, and disease.
  • Iron to allow the above nutrients to better access your turf; this is especially important when you have certain plants that can be prone to deficiencies.


Keep in mind that shrub fertilization is especially important for plants in the first five years of maturity and that smaller plantings will require more supplemental feeding than, say, larger trees. Our shrub fertilization experts in the Northern Virginia area can take a look at your property and offer recommendations on the best fertilization schedule for you. We can also advise you on the best lawn care services to complement your new fertilization plan.

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Preparing your lawn for the Spring season will bring value and enjoyment to your home and garden. Get out there and enjoy the process and call us if you need us to take over part or all of your maintenance needs so you can enjoy other life activities.


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