Stone Fireplace with Flagstone Patio and Grill Design

Our client from Great Falls, Virginia, wanted an outdoor space with an outdoor grilling area, fireplace, ample seating spaces, path and connections from the driveway, covered deck, and the steps leading down from the home’s main level. Landscape planting and lighting were added to provide accessibility, texture, and privacy. A front flagstone walkway was installed to complete the home landscape design.

Wood Burning Fireplace with side Seating Wing Walls

The fireplace was constructed with gray building stone. A decorative flagstone was used to cap the chimney. The seating wall is 18″ -30″ tall and 8′ long on each side and was also constructed in a gray building stone.

O’Grady’s Landscape design – Grill Island with seating

Creating an outdoor living space that complements and blends with an established home is critical. The grill was strategically set between the outdoor porch and steps leading down from the home’s main level. Easy access from the house creates a functionally smooth transition when grilling. The flagstone patio is large enough to balance the many functions of the outdoor space.

The stone grill island has a 9′ seating overhang made of flagstone. The kitchen includes a grill, burner, sink, and Green Egg.

Lighting is set under the overhang and appropriately spaced. The patio is extended with a 4 feet wide flagstone walkway leading to the driveway. The patio is connected with steps and landscape lighting.

The home landscape design project was completed with a front walkway made in flagstone to match the patio and side walkway.

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