Spring Lawn Care Checklist in Northern Virginia

Lawn Care Maintenance in Arlington, VA

Spring Lawn Care Tips in Northern Virginia Preparing your yard for Spring is essential for keeping your lawn and landscape strong and healthy as the summer heat and possible dry weather approach. The key to having and keeping a vibrant, green and lush lawn and landscape is to act before your lawn shows signs of […]

Plant Selection Tips for a Healthy Lawn in Northern Virginia

Planting for a Northern Virginia residence

Plant Selection Process for a Healthy Landscape   Choosing the right plants for your Northern Virginia property is key in producing a strong, healthy and vibrant landscape. Following are a few tips to help you choose the just right plants for your lawn and landscape in Northern Virginia. The most important tip is to choose […]

Landscaping with Native Plants in Northern Virginia

Native Plants for landscaping in Northern Virginia

Landscaping with Native Plants in Northern Virginia So, what is all this talk about Native Plants? Why do I need or want to plant them in my yard? What effect does planting with natives have on residential properties in Northern Virginia? O’Grady’s Landscape & Lawn Care is here to help you sort out the Native […]