Spring Lawn Care Checklist in Northern Virginia

Lawn Care Maintenance in Arlington, VA

Spring Lawn Care Tips in Northern Virginia Preparing your yard for Spring is essential for keeping your lawn and landscape strong and healthy as the summer heat and possible dry weather approach. The key to having and keeping a vibrant, green and lush lawn and landscape is to act before your lawn shows signs of […]

Top 5 Things to Make Your Landscape Fit for Spring in Northern VA

Dry Stacked Stone Wall Design Great Falls Virginia

Top 5 Things to Make Your Landscape Fit for Spring in Northern VA Northern Virginia residential homeowners often ask us at O’Grady’s Landscape what should be done in the wintertime to have a lush and beautiful lawn and landscape for the spring. Now is a good time of the year to assess your lawn and […]

Flagstone Patio with Retaining Wall Design and Installation in Arlington, VA

flagstone patio with chairs

Flagstone Patio with Retaining Wall Design and Installation in Arlington, VA Our North Arlington, Virginia clients needed a complete landscape architectural design and installation for their home which would provide function, curb appeal and connect and expand their usable backyard space. Our project began with the area to the side of the driveway which needed […]

Benefits of a Fall Lawn Renovation

Northern VA Lawn Renovation

Benefits of a Fall Lawn Renovation Help your lawn recover this Fall with aeration, overseeding, fertilization and weed control from O’Grady’s Landscape. The end of summer has arrived and your lawn is hopefully still looking green and lush, but it may be appearing a little dull or listless due to summer stressors like heat.  The […]

Landscape Design using Permeable Hardscapes in Northern VA

Permeable retaining wall landscape design

Landscape Design using Permeable Hardscapes Designing your outdoor living oasis has just become more interesting since material options available to homeowners have grown to include permeable hardscape products. Permeable hardscape products are ones that allow for rain and stormwater to seep into the soil rather than running off or pool above. Allowing stormwater to penetrate […]

Walkway Ideas to Boost Curb Appeal in Northern Virginia

Flagstone Steps with Landing and Railings

  Homeowners want to maximize curb appeal but may not always know how to achieve this impact. Adding a thoughtfully designed and installed walkway is the best way to enhance the attractiveness of your home. A walkway path may lead you from a backyard patio to a seated garden area or the ever so important […]

Plant Selection Tips for a Healthy Lawn in Northern Virginia

Planting for a Northern Virginia residence

Plant Selection Process for a Healthy Landscape   Choosing the right plants for your Northern Virginia property is key in producing a strong, healthy and vibrant landscape. Following are a few tips to help you choose the just right plants for your lawn and landscape in Northern Virginia. The most important tip is to choose […]

Landscaping with Native Plants in Northern Virginia

Native Plants for landscaping in Northern Virginia

Landscaping with Native Plants in Northern Virginia So, what is all this talk about Native Plants? Why do I need or want to plant them in my yard? What effect does planting with natives have on residential properties in Northern Virginia? O’Grady’s Landscape & Lawn Care is here to help you sort out the Native […]

Landscape Lighting Benefits in Northern VA

Outdoor Lighting in Northern Virginia by O'Grady's Landscape

LANDSCAPE LIGHTING BENEFITS AND OPTIONS What are the benefits of landscape lighting and what are my options? The final touch to any residential landscape project is to capture that attraction day and night. Outdoor Lighting is a critical step in the art of transforming the look of your home and it is often an overlooked […]