Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

O'Grady's Landscape Terms and Conditions

We take great pride in offering courteous and professional service to enhance the quality and appearance of your property. We value you as a client and realized that your satisfaction is crucial to earning your future business and referrals. We believe that an important element in creating long-term relationships is setting clear expectations and boundaries. The following is a list of terms and conditions which we have adopted over many years of business; most of these are common practice in the green industry.

Payment Terms: For maintenance work, we invoice on the 1st of each month, billing customers for work performed the previous month. Payment is due in 15 days for our maintenance work. For landscape installation work, we generally invoice customers for half the total project cost on or shortly before the day we start the job. We then invoice you for the second half upon completion. Both of the invoices on landscape installation are due upon receipt.

Licensed and Insured: O’Grady’s Landscape is fully licensed and insured. We have a Class A Contractor’s license. We are both certified Chemical Applicators and Fertilizer Applicators in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are certified Responsible Land Disturbers in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our Employees: O’Grady’s Landscape and our employees are fully insured, with both workman’s compensation and liability insurance. Furthermore, all of our employees work directly for O’Grady’s Landscape. We do not use any day-labor. The average tenure for an O’Grady’s employee is 10 years.

Seed and Sod Warranty: We offer no warranty on seed or sod. Growing a thick and healthy lawn from seed or sod is not a single event, it is a process. The success or failure of a lawn is based largely on the care it receives and other factors which are out of our control. It is to be expected that a lawn’s development will be an up and down process. Maintenance issues affecting the survival and success of lawn development include: frequency of watering and proper fertilizing, weed control and mowing practices. Environmental issues affecting the survival and success of lawn development include: growth or re-growth of weeds, infestation of disease or pests and inclement weather, including storms which can blow or wash away recently completed work. All of the above mentioned issues are out of our control and for these reasons we do not guarantee seeded or sodded lawns to survive or thrive.

Plant Warranty:
Shrubs and Small Trees – We provide a six-month limited warranty on all new plant material. Our warranty assures that we use standard practices in installing healthy plant stock in a professional manner. We will replace plants, one time, free of charge that die within six months of installation. We do not replace plant material that has died due to improper care, drought, disease, infestation, weather conditions, deer damage, animal damage, or any other cause outside of our control and therefore outside our warranty. It is important to understand that our warranty is not an insurance policy for which you have paid a premium which protects you from bad things happening. Furthermore, we do not give any warranty on seed, sod, transplants, annuals or groundcover.
Large Trees – For larger trees we only cover half the replacement cost. On deciduous trees larger than 2.5 inches in caliper and evergreens taller than 10 feet, we offer a six-month warranty where we will replace the plant one time, for 50% of the original labor and material. The same limitations (as described above) also apply to our warranty on large plants.
O’Grady’s Landscape reserves the right to determine the plants cause of failure.

Hardscape Warranty: We offer a two year warranty on all of our hardscapes. We guarantee that we will install your hardscape in a professional manner. If your patio, walkway, wall, or any other hardscape, fails during normal use, we will repair it free of charge. We do not warranty hardscapes built on new construction as we cannot be responsible for sub-grade settling. We do not warranty hardscapes damaged due to acts of God, or misuse.

Drainage and Grading Warranty: We guarantee that we will install your drainage and grading systems in a professional manner. We guarantee that best efforts will be made to solve drainage and grading problems. We make no guarantee and will not be held responsible at any time regarding wet basements or any other damage to property, home, landscape, etc…due to rain water, ground water, or any other source of water.

Landscape Lighting: We install CAST Lighting Systems. CAST offers comprehensive warranties on all their products. We warranty our workmanship for one year after installation. We do not warranty incandescent light bulbs. CAST offers a five year warranty on LED modules.

Property Damage: O’Grady’s always acts with the utmost care to assure the safety of our employees and your property. We do not, however, warranty or replace the following items: Any glass broken due to rocks, golf balls, lacrosse balls, or any other objects hidden in lawn and subsequently hit by lawn mower or weed-whacker. We are not responsible for damage due to any private utilities, such as dog fences, irrigation systems, electrical wires, communication wires, etc…during the normal course of activities. This disclaimer is not designed to hold us harmless for acts of negligence. It is, however, designed to protect us from the expense of damage caused while acting responsibly in the pursuit of completing your project.

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