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Trees and Shrubs in North Arlington, Virginia

  • Trees and Shrubs in North Arlington, Virginia

If you want to install trees and shrubs for your North Arlington, VA home, call on the pros at O’Grady’s Landscape. We specialize in shrub and tree planting to help local homeowners create more privacy and added visual interest in their landscapes.

Serving the North Arlington, VA area since 1991, we have years of experience with the native landscape and can help you select the right plantings for your tastes and lifestyle. Our landscapers and horticulturists will ensure that your selection is not just beautiful but will thrive in the North Arlington area climate and stay healthy no matter your maintenance requirements.

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North Arlington, VA Tree Planting Services

We offer comprehensive tree planting services in North Arlington, VA and can help you with all aspects of your project, including:

  • Tree selection
  • Site planning and preparation
  • Tree design
  • Tree installation
  • Ongoing maintenance – such as pruning, weeding, and more

When you choose O’Grady’s Landscape for your North Arlington, VA tree planting project, you can be confident knowing that we approach each project with thoughtful planning and careful installation and provide an outstanding customer support experience along the way. We’ll provide you with trees that add beauty to your property and ensure they’re planted in the best place to stay healthy and promote growth.

North Arlington, VA Shrub Planting Services

We also specialize in shrub planting for properties throughout the North Arlington, VA area. Our experienced arborists and landscapers can help you choose the best shrubs to meet your needs for aesthetics, functionality, and maintenance. Whether you want to add privacy to your front yard landscape, create shade to better enjoy your backyard, or create a unique fence with shrubs, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen.

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Selecting the Right Trees and Shrubs for Your Home

Our landscapers and horticulturists will consider each minor detail to ensure your trees and shrubs are planted:

  • Away from utility lines
  • In the best sunlight
  • At the right time of year (typically in late fall or early spring)
  • With proper drainage in place
  • Using high quality soil

Whether you want classic maple trees and foliage or something a little more unique, we can help you choose the perfect mix of plantings to meet all your needs.

Install Trees and Shrubs in North Arlington, Virginia

O’Grady’s Landscape has the experience and quality customer service you can trust for any shrub or tree planting job in the North Arlington, VA area. Our landscapers and arborists are well versed in all aspects of plant installation, with extensive knowledge of the best types of trees and shrubs to thrive in the local climate and landscape. Whether you have an exact vision for the perfect tree design or need our assistance successfully planning your next project, you can always count on us to get the job done right.

For the very best in shrub and tree planting in North Arlington, VA, look to O’Grady’s Landscape. Contact us today to request your consultation—703-533-5001!