Winter Landscaping


Winter Landscaping

With the right landscape elements, you can extend use of your landscape to provide you, your family, and your guests with an outdoor area to spend time in all year and keep your yard healthy all winter long.

What Is Winter Landscaping?

There are a few things that go into preparing your lawn for winter, including: 

  • Raking and removing all leaves to create a clean and well maintained look
  • Remove any debris, including toys and furniture—debris can kill the grass over the winter months
  • Install a drainage system so snow doesn’t damage plans and hardscapes
  • Mulch your garden before the snow falls to protect your plants and soil
  • Relocate tender bulbs indoors so they live all winter long
  • Clean gutters and turn off any outdoor water spouts to prevent flooding
  • Apply a winter fertilizer as insulation against freezing temperatures and to provide your plants with the nutrients they need
  • Hire a landscaper to create a space you can use all season long

Let O’Grady’s Landscape Help You Prepare for Winter

Since 1991, we have been landscaping and creating beautiful outdoor spaces for homes throughout the Northern Virginia area. We can help you create a year-round landscape with the right plants, hardscapes, and lighting as well as preparing lawns for the season ahead. If you need help preparing your lawn for winter, we can help!

We proudly serve homes in McLean, Great Falls, North Arlington, Vienna, and The City of Falls Church. Call today to talk about care options for your lawn at 703-533-5001 or fill out an online contact form for an estimate!

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